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How often should I use the Repair Hair Mask?
We suggest masking anywhere between once a week to once a month. 


Will the Repair Hair Mask make my hair oily?
If you have thin hair or are prone to an oily scalp, apply the mask from mid-length to ends, avoiding the scalp and targeting the driest parts of the hair. If your scalp is on the dryer side, you can rub it into the scalp for extra hydration. A little goes a long way, start with a pea sized scoop and go from there. 


When is the best time to mask?
Our Repair Hair Mask is a pre-poo mask. Meaning you apply it to dry, dirty hair before washing it out with shampoo. We recommend applying our mask at least a half hour before your shower and for best results, apply it before bed, leave-in overnight, and wash it out in the morning. 


Is the Repair Hair Mask safe to use on colored hair?
Yes, our mask is completely safe to use on colored hair and won’t tint your hair at all. In fact it was designed to counteract the damage & loss of hydration that is common with bleached or colored treated hair. 


What’s the benefit to the towel pillow cover?
The towel pillow cover is perfect for anyone who washes their hair in the evening and goes to bed with wet hair. But it is the perfect pairing to our Repair Hair Mask. When leaving our mask on overnight, just slip this pillowcase over your pillow to absorb any excess oil that may rub off on your pillow.


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