Repair Hair Mask
Repair Hair Mask
Repair Hair Mask

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My curls are back

I hate going to bed with wet hair, so the fact I can use this mask over night on my dry hair is incredible! And my hair loves it.
I have very dry hair, even more than ever since I got highlights, and it helped bring my curls back to life!

Loved the product

I recommend anyone who has damaged hair or dry hair to use these hair mask it’s amazing

Must Add 2 Hair Care Routine

When I started using this mask. My hair was damaged from all the bleach and very dry and brittle and my natural curls gone. After using mask once I saw a huge change in my hair texture. After finishing the entire jar my curls are BACK and my hair is sooooo soft and shiny. I am no longer afraid of adding heat to my hair and thinking it will break, this mask has made my hair healthy and strong. I think it also helped my hair grow too!

Fantastic Product!

Loved using the Mane Method hair mask. It really helped my damaged hair and I could not be happier with my purchase. Will def repurchase!

Amazing product

Must have!!

Product Information

Intensive treatment to prevent further damage and retain hair growth.

What it does:

Our strongest belief at Mane Method is that less is more. Comprised of natural ingredients, the overnight mask works to repair damaged hair, boost moisture, add body, and control frizz.

Using the mask once a week, will help your hair regain strength, leaving you with your natural tresses.

Batana oil strengthens your strands rebuilding the cuticle of the hair for added volume, preventing hair breakage, while aiding in premature greying of hair.

Castor oil supplies nutrients to the hair follicles, clearing dandruff, nourishing roots to promote hair growth.

Both ingredients create instant hydration your hair has been lacking. Our motto is to give you a product with high performance ingredients for effective results.

Who is it for:

Anyone that seeks nourished, vibrant hair. Curly hair, chemically-treated hair, dry and damaged hair due to over use of hot tools.


3.4 oz

Key Benefits:

  • Intensive hydration restores dry, brittle hair
  • Rebuilds the hair cuticle and improves natural texture of hair
  • Thickens hair and boosts volume
  • Improves hair elasticity; less breakage
  • Nourishes the hair for better manageability
  • Revitalizes hair quality and luster; less frizz
  • Protects hair from UV damage and helps prevent grey hair
  • Repairs damaged color-treated hair  
  • Antimicrobial properties protect hair from environmental stressors

damage repair

moisture boost

adds body

frizz control

how to mask


apply mask

apply mask to dry hair. Scoop a desired amount in your palm. Rub your hands together to melt into an oil. Distribute oil evenly from scalp to ends. Comb through your hair with fingertips to untangle.


sleep on it

sleep on it Protect your pillowcase & wrap your hair in a turban. For deeper conditioning apply light/medium heat for a few moments with a blow dryer. Leave mask for 30 mins or overnight for best results.


rise & shine

rise & shine Rinse out in the morning with warm water and shampoo. Your locks should feel hydrated & smooth. Style hair as desired.

our 100% natural formula

Batana Oil

Castor Oil


Sweet Orange